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• The cost of the tickets in the first phase will be 180 pesos; They are already on sale with the right to three games

The state government, through the Tlaxcala Sports Institute (IDET), in coordination with the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), Volleyball World (VW), the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the Mexican Federation de Volleyball (FMVB), will carry out the Beach Volleyball World Championships Tlaxcala 2023, where the entity will host the World Beach Volleyball Championship, which will have the presence of 192 athletes in both branches, from more than 30 countries, which They will seek to be crowned and get their ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The FIVB considers it the main event of the year, so in addition to being able to watch the matches, the public will be able to enjoy an interactive zone in each of the host cities.

It is the first time in the last two decades that this fair leaves European lands, where 296 matches of 48 women's teams and 48 men's teams can be observed, in four competition stadiums, including Plaza de Toros Jorge "El Ranchero" Aguilar (Tlaxcala), Plaza de Toros "La Taurina" in Huamantla, Monumental Plaza de Toros Rodolfo Rodríguez "El Pana" in Apizaco and the field in front of the Tlaxcala Museum of Art (MAT).

The concept of transforming a bullring into a beach volleyball court began in 2022, when the state hosted the Beach Volleyball World Tour.

The tournament will be made up of the group phase, elimination rounds, semifinals and finals, each day of competition is divided into morning, afternoon and night sessions.

Tickets are already on sale in the first phase at a cost of 180 pesos, which will allow you to see three games, they can be purchased through the website

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