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Titans at the Service of Your Cleaning




One formula 24 uses.

The pandemic has taught us to prioritize transforming and valuing the most important thing in our lives: a clean and healthy atmosphere for the safety of our loved ones.  For this, hygiene is paramount, which is why investment in cleaning products is essential and their effectiveness is vital.

However, every day we are faced with a wide existence of "specialized" cleaning products, facing expensive investments to achieve a deep cleaning.

This has led us to look for homemade alternatives to old family rituals and in other cases the use of lower cost products that are usually aggressive, such as acids, abrasives and corrosives that put health at risk.  of the end user and affecting the quality  of the areas where they are placed.  

Blens, Titans at the Service of Your Cleaning, a proudly Mexican company with a 13-year history in the market, makes its VERZALL ®️ patented Formula available to the World, a 24-use formula designed through its research and development area by an Engineer Mexican environmental protection, adapting to the strictest needs and widely exceeding the expectations of its consumers.


VERZALL®️ friendly to the environment, treats all its surfaces in a friendly way, obtaining cleanliness and safety, opposing the schemes to which we have been accustomed, eliminating grime from industrial dining rooms, restoring the shine to fine gold and silver jewelry, attacking the percusion of mosaic floors and walls without damaging their coating.

VERZALL ®️ is effective in cleaning textiles in furniture and clothing of delicate, sports or industrial fabrics exposed to  grease, ink, blood stains, mud, rust, grass, wine, sauces.  

It cleans wood, removes scale from keys, tiles, doors without damaging colors, glass scale, sinks and toilet bowls, protecting your pipes and without the use of gloves.

Eradicates rust from metals exposed to inclement weather, such as chrome on motorcycles, trim, wheels, car bodies and automotive sheets.

Thanks to its powerful effect and the diversity of its presentations, VERZALL® is a smart investment, which is why every day more Mexicans have given their trust in different states of the Mexican Republic, achieving a successful expansion in 4 months since its launch, positioning itself in SEDES BLENS. : SAN LUIS POTOSI, OAXACA,  CDMX, SALTILLO, STATE OF MEXICO (ECATEPEC TULTEPEC TULTITLÁN COACALCO MUNICIPALITIES) PUEBLA, CHIAPAS, TAMAULIPAS and MORELIA.  

Today BLENS MEXICO arrives at OUR BEAUTIFUL TLAXCALA with VERZALL ®, an ecological cleaning formula that cannot be missing in our homes and businesses such as restaurants, hotels, spas, gyms, industrial canteens, bars, automotive workshops, car washes, laundries, dry cleaners, companies cleaning and maintenance, hospitals, clinics and offices, in schools and training centers.  

Blens, Titans at the Service of Your Cleaning, presents its star product VERZALL®️ and places it at the service of the people of Tlaxcala, protecting their finances, contributing to sustainable consumption and adding to the care of the end user without harming nature.  

If you want to know VERZALL®️ we have a distributor near you.

If you are an entrepreneur, be part of our network of distributors, we have a friendly business scheme for you.

Contact us and be a pioneer with a patented product without competition in the market.

Blens, Titans at the Service of your cleaning.


BLENS MEXICO +52 (221) 137 46 70

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