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#AIGCcTlx | In #Interview Governor Lorena Cuéllar asks to make "constructive criticism"

#AIGCcTlx | #Interview… Governor Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros asks to make “constructive criticism, to help all Tlaxcalans solve a problem, that thank God we do not have as many problems as all the states that surround us, today all those that surround us have many Serious problems and we continue to stay on that island, (so) trying to take care that all the bad things from other places do not enter is complicated, and if people do not help me, then it is more difficult. So hopefully everyone will help us achieve this NEW HISTORY, on all issues: security, tourism, health, on many issues that concern us."

… This and more in the interview given to us by the Governor of the State of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, on the occasion of her first government report. Not to be missed. By Information Agency GraphosCcTlx

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